Wearable sculptures, made in London using recycled metals.

Handcrafted in East London

Lost wax technique 

I specialise in the lost wax technique, a discipline that has been around for 6 thousand years. All around the world from different cultures and in countless styles there are examples that are still around. A model in wax is shaped with tools and heat and then cover with a clay, creating a vessel with an opening at the top and bottom. The liquid metal is then poured from the top, the original wax melts down and empties the vessel and the metal takes the shape of the original model. This technique allows me to achieve incredible detail at a very small scale. It can take me weeks/months to achieve the desired shape and finish I want in my pieces, it is a sort of meditation where time doesn't exist and a deeper connection to myself occurs .



Vitreous enamel 

This technique has its earliest example back in the 13th century BC and it is a wonderful way to add colour to jewellery. A thin layer of powdered glass is sieved onto a metal base then heated with a jeweller's torch from underneath until reaching 800°C to fuse both materials together. More layers are added and the pieces can be decorated in many different ways with a variety of techniques. I wanted to bring some colour in my pieces and enamel allows me to play and combine a big variety of opaque and transparent shades.