Handcrafted wearable sculptures & vitreous enamel jewellery

Goat in a boat
Goat in a boat
Goat in a boat

Goat in a boat

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This surrealist character has been hand carved and casted in sterling silver (hallmark) . It is a chunky piece and the it hangs beautifully from the back.

It comes with an original poem...

As the rain fell the goat shuddered at the rolls of thunder,
Thoughts of the past tearing his heart asunder,
Herded with others in symmetrical lines,
Given a mate of convenience, necessity more important than time,
He looked back on a world in chaos, a lump caught in his throat,
Turned away and stepped heavy heartedly onto Noah’s boat



   Boat width           3.2 cm

  High boat+goat   2.7 cm

 Weights                 14.8 grams

Chain length          32 inches